26 November 2010

Look of the Weekend #8

FASHILOSOPHY's suggestion about style and weekender outfit!

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Now is almost impossible not to be fascinated by the poetry of vintage style that especially from London and Paris has reached a big popularity. What pleases us, however, are not only endless possibilities of style gives us by real vintage (that one of the trade fairs, that one came out of the old trunks or archives and the big maison use as inspiration to create something new with a nostalgic flavor but this rampant mania has led to prohibitive prices), but also everything can be obtained by mixing new items created by a suggestion from the past. A great mix of old and new is always a choice of success, but when the old is too expensive, we can direct our choices on something more affordable but effective, like this "Look of the Weekend". Fashilosophy chose every ex novo piece, but you would know really distinguish them from something really vintage?!

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