13 October 2011

Gaetano Navarra's S/S '12 Collection! Vavavoom!

I've always loved the avant-garde vision of Navarra, but this S/S '12 I think one of the most successful collections. Gaetano Navarra was able to mix in a few items of different styles and different suggestions effects, while retaining fidelity to his personal style. The prints coupled with some beautiful work, those lace mentioning the old fashion craftsmanship and the explosion of color (dominated by the ubiquitous black and nude) enchant us. I think he reflects, broadly speaking, the true Thierry Mugler's heir: he's able of the same creative talent but manages to contextualize perfectly with the needs of the fashion of our day, too far from the roaring '80s or '90s cyberspace contamination. He is a very personal way to express themselves and express fashion and for me this is a great gift, especially today that fashion is only one industrial standardization.


10 October 2011

The Davidelfin's KATHARSIS!

Every season there's that one collection that sticks in your mind for weeks after it comes down the runway, it speaks to you, it's almost as if that collection was made just for you. For me it wasn't something I watched come down the runway in Milan and Paris or saw online from New York. This time it was Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week that was the culprit, more specifically so Spanish designer Davidelfin's new Spring Summer 2012 collection: Katharsis. The word Katharsis comes from the greek word katharos, meaning pure or clean, which is exactly what comes to mind with this collection.
From the moment the first look came down the runway, a simple white button up with colored panels of bright pink, red, baby blue and a yellow collar with an asymetrical pencil skirt with a technicolor fringe, I was smitten. Nude tops with conveniently placed colored stripes, color blocked zippered tees, asymetrical shorts and pants in the freshest pastels. Add to that a mindboggling skirt and dress seemingly made of paint chips in every imaginable shade of the rainbow. The Katharsis collection is pure magic. It's the new Prep of the future. One particular piece that is going to be a must have is a sleeveless pastel paneled modified motorcycle jacket. In bubble gum pink, kelly green, tan, saffron, ice blue, orange and white this jacket is unlike anything you probably have in your closet at the moment.

Ever since I discovered Davidelfin on his other half
Pelayo Diaz's blog I've eagerly waited for each new collection. Pelayo collaborated on some of the finishing details of this collection with David as evidenced from the Mawi jewelry and Dr. Martens shoes and it's perfection.
The Katharsis collection is simple but yet so complex with its strange geometries and multifaceted color palette. With a season full of crazy patterns, textures, and heavy accesories this collection is a breath of much needed fresh air.

Louis Paul Pisano