01 December 2010

Style Icon of the month #5

Style Icon of this month: Róisín Murphy.
singer/songwriter/record producer.

Róisín Marie Murphy, 39 years old, is a native of Ireland, but british singer's adoption. She shot to fame as lead singer of artistic duo "
Moloko", which now has emerged as an alternative and experimental music scene. Parallel to her career with Moloko, Róisín carries out her plans working as independent producer and author, but will be meeting with Matthew Herbert to make her an international electropop star.
After the release of three limited edition EP in 2004, following the year after the release of Ruby Blue with the record label
Echo Records.
This album, the first solo, one that will bring his musical talent to the international success as an artist, along with a brilliant study of his image that will come in the firmament of fashion icons. Not many people know that before of the phenomenon Lady Gaga (which is a constant mention of iconic characters in the history of music), Róisín has pioneered an unconventional and eccentric concept of her image and her look, imaginatively making many references borrowed from the world of art, fashion, photography, design and cinematography (in fact she was the muse of Simon Henwood).
What is today may be attributed to Gaga, actually, this is reflected in the artistic career of Murphy that not long time ago she was an futuristic attitude towards the combination of fashion and music.

In 2009 Róisín has updated her role from front-row fixture to catwalk queen when she walks the runway as the guest-of-honor at French designer
Alexandre Vauthier's debut couture show. Vauthier represents the outlier of cutting-edge designs synonymous with Róisín's style legacy. In videos, on stage, and even on London's high street, the singer is a fearless, skilled interpreter of the complicated fashions most only experience through editorials. For example, the "You Know Me Better" musicvideo was inspired by Cindy Sherman 's Centerfolds; in turn, Róisín uses cosmetic and sartorial artifice to manipulate her identity. And like Sherman's characters, Róisín's extreme wardrobe runs the gamut from arch couture to campy nostalgia-whether she's tempering her Maison Margiela statement pieces with Topshop or vintage André Courrèges.

Although Murphy has decided to retire from scene to devote herself fully to her family (by giving us some performances from time to time), Fashilosophy decided to dedicate a post as Style Icon because she will be always a music legend and a constant inspiration for designers, as
Victor & Rolf, for example, that made her the face of their griffe.

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