03 December 2010

Look of the Weekend #9

FASHILOSOPHY's suggestion about style and weekender outfit!

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For the latest weekend we have proposed an outfit all played on vintage style passion, which even though is successful, it's separate to the real must-have of the moment (to which we have already devoted an entire post): the nude. The nude effect is simply amazing, very elegant but not for everyone! People who decided to wear it should have a natural inclination to the delicacy and refinement to be able to wear without looking ridiculous, and it takes a certain passion to learn to appreciate its stylish-possibilities. However to fashilosophers like us don't care who will wear it or not, what we mean is that the nude effect we really like and then we're proposing for this weekender outfit.
Last but not least this mix is inspired by a friend, Valeria, that she got style and a big attention to the refinements, not to mention that she will a Voguette, surely. We know she will love our choice (especially those fabulous
YSL's shoes).

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