10 June 2011

MIRYAKI on our mind - Fashion new concept!

Milan is a hotbed of young new talent. No matter where you go in the city you’re sure to discover a new artist, freelance photographer or emerging designer trying to make it and in the process using every opportunity they can to showcase themselves.
One of my new favorite emerging lines in Milan is
Miryaki. The brainchild of designers Riccardo Polidoro and Mia Vilardo, this label, which won the prestigious Clam Award at Mittelmoda last July, meshes together the designers’ distinctly different backgrounds together effortlessly ,resulting in stunning wearable art.
The strange beautiful geometry coupled with the combination of textures and color palette creates a multi dimensional look. It’s haute couture made street smart, wearable on and off the runway.
The Spring/ Summer 2011 collection is simple and chic as spring summer collections should be. The dresses in the gorgeous palette of white, black, and varying shades of blue are cool, elegant and serene, perfect for an evening spent perhaps enjoying a cocktail by the sea in Portofino or a rooftop dinner party in Milan.

For Fall/Winter 11/12 you’ll find more combinations of fabric layering, asymmetry, hard edges, and a more avant garde vibe. The use of pleating sheer fabrics create give it depth. In shades of black, white and gray the frocks paired with perhaps a pair of leggings and a winter coat would be perfect whether you are stepping into Dolce Gabbana Gold for a quick coffee with friends or an après-ski in Cortina d'Ampezzo.
Every aspect of this brand is well thought out, from the incredibly sleek website with the fun little video that welcomes you, to the ad campaigns, my favorite being the spring/summer 2011 shot by
Giuseppe La Rosa in the iconic Centrale Stazione. It oozes the gritty glamour the city is known for. Ricardo Polidoro and Mia Vilardo are definitely names you should be keeping an eye out for and judging from what they’ve already produced they are on the fast track to international stardom.

Louis Paul Pisano

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