07 June 2011

The best of RTW-Resort 2012. Part II: Missoni.

Grunge be gone. Missoni loved the nineties for Fall, but they're throwing it back further for Resort, embracing a softer silhouette that evokes the 1920's. This season's girl is spending her vacation seaside, naturally enough, and apparently the ocean breeze was blowing strong in the design studio. The beach motif played out quite literally on a dramatic violet gown that had a sheer skirt loaded with conch shells, sequins, and puckered chiffon resembling coral reef. (The house's own Margherita Missoni said it was her favorite piece in the collection.) Another striking dress had a tie-dye effect and was trimmed with padded strips of braided silk. Other looks here were more straightforward. The signature space-dyed raschel knit technique showed up everywhere, but was coolest this time around on a pair of psychedelic trousers and paper bag-waisted walking shorts—both of which will blend seamlessly into the Missoni archives.

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