28 May 2011

The magic of Milan: behind the scenes could be fun!

Milan, a place as gritty as it is glamorous, a place where dreams are made and lost. Each year thousands of hopeful designers, stylists, models, and wannabe street style stars flock to the city in hopes of making it big. Fortunately for 24 year old Benedetta Borioni her dreams came true. In January 2010 Borioni was just your average student in Milan with fashion aspirations. Right before Men’s Fashion Week a friend asked her if she wanted to take her place as a model dresser at the Costume National show. Borioni jumped at this opportunity as most of us would have in hopes of meeting her favorite model. After it was all said and done she realized that she actually had enjoyed the work. I asked her what she loved about it. “I like being a model dresser because I’ve met a lot of great people, stylists, models and I’ve got a lot of new friends!” says Borioni. Her favorite part of the whole experience? “You can live the backstage with all the things like panic, photographers, people screaming, people smiling, hair and makeup, the collection before models doing the catwalk and the designers face at the end of the show. What a gratification!” The experience she describes is every fashionistas dream. The backstage is a world rarely seen by people not directly involved in the show and seeing the work that goes into what you see coming down the runway in its perfect presentation, makes you appreciate it even more.

In November 2010 Benedetta found an agency and was an official model dresser for fashion week. Since then she has worked everything from
Moschino to Salvatore Ferragamo dressing the likes of Abbey Lee Kershaw, Arizona Muse, Alex Dunstan Alex DunstanAlex Dunstanand Aiden Andrews.

One of her favorite moments she fondly remembers was at FW '11, checking the runway and walking down the catwalk with the music as if she herself was modeling. She says she was so happy she felt like crying. To some people that would seem silly but to fashionistas everywhere that would be a dream come true.
I asked Benedetta what her favorite things about working in the fashion industry are. “I guess the beauty of the things, the creativity of the people and learning a lot as a person and for your work” Her least favorite? “People feel like they’ve got all the power in the world” No explanation for what she means there. We’ve all heard the stories of the taskmaster designer or the pumped up PR.
Milan is a very fickle city in all aspects from fashion, to weather, to nightlife. Most people have a love/hate relationship with the city and Benedetta is no exception. “In order to find something beautiful of Milan you have to know it slowly. You can find everything you want, amazing parties, gigs, and art” she explains. The downside of life in the fashion capitol of the world is the lack of the sea that she loves, the (unbearably hot and crowded) summer, and the difficulty of meeting good people.

To many on the outside the world that Benedetta Borioni now lives in seems like a fashion fairytale, with its fun, glamour and crazy model filled after parties, it seems so out of reach but she insists it’s not. To people aspiring to make their way into the fashion world she says all it takes is “passion, patience, strength, and to be in the right place at the right time”. I can say from experience, she’s got it right. Passion is what drives the kids here to spend their free time sewing and creating outfits to wear, patience to wait outside the venues in the rain during fashion week to glimpse the latest runway creations, strength to wait for hours in tragically chic and avant garde creations outside The House of Bordello on a Saturday night in hopes of seeing their favorite designers and to be immortalized in the weekly party pictures. Milan is a truly unique city filled with some of the most creative people in the world. It’s a place where dreams do come true, just ask Benedetta Borioni.

Louis Paul Pisano

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