05 January 2011

Style Icon of the month #6

Style Icon of the month: Rie Rasmussen.
She's a danish polyhedral visual artist. Actress/filmdirector/writer/photographer/model.
She was launched onto the fashion scene by Brian De Palma's film Femme Fatale and Angel-A of Luc Besson signed er success as actress.
She was immediately chosen as the face of Gucci under director Tom Ford. On the catwalk, she likes to portray a character, saying it is very much like acting. She worked with all the bigger maisons and she enjoyed the few artists that remained in the industry. She worked with the most exclusive houses including Donna Karan, Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana and Victoria's Secret to name a few. While traveling she continued to write many scripts, short stories and directed smaller surf-skate videos. There was no lack of muses around, most of her sketches and photos published in her recent book Grafiske Historier are from her time travelling the world with her friends, or shooting magazines. Even while focusing on film she still very much enjoys the freedom fashion shoots give in the way of one day artistic imagery, as opposed to the long term commitment of writing and directing, which can last up to two years. As her work on Human Zoo did.

She snorts when people describe her as a Victoria’s Secret model. “The only time I worked for Victoria’s Secret was because I, like everybody else, wanted to fuck a supermodel. And I did! And that was enough, for that one specific reason.” She is currently on the cover of Italian Vogue's haute couture edition shot by star lensmen and director Steven Klein.

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