10 July 2010

J'adr Paris!

I've realized that i need necessary of "to regenerate" my creativity, and which great stimulus if not Paris during the fashion week?!
Paris is a magic town, it has always been, but during the week of Haute Couture this is warned even more: the people, the faces, the runaway of journalists and fashion bloggers...everything is stimulating.
During my four days I've visited the imperdibile exhibition of a great genius of fashion history, a teacher from which us young designers we must learn a lot.
A retrospective exhibition at Petit Palais dedicated to
Yves Saint Laurent, where you'll can see a great number of his creations beginning from his period as creative director of historical Maison Dior.
It's love at first sight for the second time. In this show is possible to recognize in his style, the actual style of other great teachers as Valentino, Armani, Lancetti, Marras...
Yves has left a sign about history of fashion!

"Madamoiselle Chanel gave women their freedom, Yves Saint Laurent gives them power!"

"One day my name will be written
in letters of fire on the Champs-Élysées!"

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