09 July 2011

Shopping tips: The new "IT SHOE". PRADA Rocks!

There's no doubt that Prada's spring 2011 espadrille wingtip oxford creeper is the current "IT shoe" this summer. From the Olsen twins to fashion bloggers like Pelayo Diaz everybody is rocking these shoes with the distinct leather, rubber, and robe combination sole. Selling out immediatly in almost every Prada boutique worldwide at one point there was an extensive waiting list.
Lauren Sherman, a fashion writer at Fashionista.com says this of the highly criticized shoe "It doesn't matter that they're ugly and not sexy because they're Prada, Prada is known for its subversive sexiness. It's geek chic. People are sick of wearing hooker heels."

Available in a multitude of colors do you think these are worth the hype AND the $795
price tag?

Louis Paul Pisano.

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