17 February 2010

Fashion is our raw material! Accademia di costume e di moda Final work 2010

My finalwork haute couture collection has been introduced during the roman fashion week AltaRoma, at Lancisi hall of the Monumental Complex Santo Spirito in Sassia (the same location in which the great Valentino has celebrated his 45 years of career). All that's fab!

Photographer: marcomancini

Photographer: lucasorrentino - marcomancini

Photographer: marcomancini

Photographer: marcomancini

written on me: Is guided by a deep love of classic couture. Tha haute couture tradition seems the only interlocutor for the female universe that inspires him: Empress and sophisticated oriental women, all utterly feminine. His careful research, the choice to combine fine hides and inlays of precious embroidery, anda above all the designs themselves, transport us back to a timeless atelier atmosphere. Precious lacquesr and expert symbols on long, sinuous candles.

My runaway on catwalk

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